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an exploration of origins

EST WST is an expression of universal values; values that prioritize the planet and our global population. We base our choices on the understanding that everything we use comes from somewhere, and every choice we make has an impact.

global connection

We seek to inspire an exploration of origins, while shedding light on the interconnectedness of our world.  We collaborate with skilled artisans in countries such as Nepal and India to make products that blend Eastern and Western design.


We’re a family team with deep roots in Nepal. We started EST WST after traveling back to this country, where our parents had spent 12 years working with local communities. Through our time in Nepal and India, we’ve witnessed the impacts of globalization, and the growing pains that developing countries face in the process. While immersing ourselves in the communities and cultures of South Asia, we were inspired by the creativity being expressed by younger generations, alongside the more classical crafts developed over the past millennia. This guided our intention to utilize traditional processes and locally sourced natural fibers, and to share stories through the products we design.