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From palpa, nepal

Nepal's token Textile

In a small hill station in Southwestern Nepal, a national tradition was born almost 100 years ago. Sunil and his wife Lakshmi left their mountain village in Nepal for a job across the border in India. In India, Sunil would go to work every morning and his wife would stay home, tending to chores around the house and stitching clothes. She would sit on the balcony of their small apartment, which happened to look into the neighboring compound which housed a textile workshop. Naturally, she became friendly with her neighbors and eventually started weaving at home on an old loom she was gifted.

the birth of dhaka

When the couple moved back to Nepal some years later, Sunil landed a government job and settled in Palpa. One day, the family made the two day trip to Kathmandu to visit the Royal Family. Sunil saw some intricate patterned textiles at the Royal Palace which the King said were imported from Bangladesh. Sunil became obsessed and started designing patterns which he and his wife tried to create on the loom. After a couple years, they had developed a distinct style which they called “Dhaka” inspired by the capitol of Bangladesh.

traditionally woven for hats (topi's). Every pattern is unique.

colorful topi's are a common sight in Nepal

colors of nepal

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